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I   KNOW   THAT   YOU'RE   GOING   TO   LEAVE   ME   (YA   LO   SE   QUE   TU   TE   VAS)

Today I am depresses
With much saddness
Knowing that tomorrow
Already you are leaving me, oh
I swore you my life
That thinking of us
I pass the night
Nearly without sleep

I know that you're going to leave me 
That maybe you won't return
Very quiet, sad to dream
My tomorrows if you leave
My arms don't know it
there will be an eternity
I think that I'm going to lose you
I know it my love, that you're leaving 
Oh, I fear the hour
of saying good-bye
I wish you a good life
Until ever
And my love, good-bye love
good-bye love

good-bye love, good-bye love, good-bye love, good-bye love

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1998 by Amanda
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