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In love with you
In love with you

I feel an emotion
Inside my heart
Only by hearing your voice
You relieve my depression
Without your love
I'm like the sun without its heat 
If you're not here
Everything is very sad and without color

I'm in love with you 
Chained to your heart
I'm in love with you 
You drive me crazy, crazy with passion

All my life 
Wraps itself in your warmth
Only by seeing you
You make me so happy
Without your love
I'm a flower without its color
You give me
All your love and there's no conditions


You know that I love you and without you I'm desperate
You are my everything and I'd die without you
You're my happiness every time I wake up
And I want to be by your side
I am able to be


(Chorus 3x)

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1998 by Amanda
Owner of Selena City