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When Nobody Wants You
Cuando Nadie Te Quiera

When nobody wants you
When all has forgotten you
You will return to the way where I remain
You will return like all  
With the core in pieces
To look for in my arms just a little bit of what it was
When of your pride you already don't have left nor drop
And the light of your eyes begins to extinguish itself
We will speak then of the love of ours
And you will know that my kisses
Those that as much you despise
They go to do you to cry

When nobody wants you
When all forget you
And the implacable destiny wants to see your end
I will be in the way where you left me
And an imortal love
Because I want you to know that I do not know of resentments
And again of my mother
I taught myself to forgive
And once you know my sadnesses and loves
Although you did not want
Although nobody wanted
You will have me to request